About Anna

The Spirit Walk eBook and Printed Book available now

Anna Johnstone, author of seven books in The Walk Series

Anna never really left school. She went to Teachers’ College in Christchurch and taught in state and private schools for many years. Called into Christian Education, Anna loved the freedom to teach the truth about God, eventually being involved with Christian teacher training and visiting many trainee teachers in schools in NZ.

Anna’s deep love of creative spirituality led her to the road less travelled, and The God Walk was born, followed by The Freedom Walk, The Cross Walk, The Psalm Walk, The Jesus Walk, The Last Walk and now available, The Spirit Walk. As she wrote, in surprise, in her first book:

Is this the gift
you’ve given me
discovered late
tripped over almost?

Words followed your Word
musings on old, new phrase
truth seen with fresh eyes
of me but not from me

No claim to greatness
but gratitude in mining treasure
planted God knows when

Jewelled thoughts reflect light
and dance amazement
in my heart

Photography is a keen interest Anna shares with her lovely man, Kerry, and choosing photos to match reflections is her favourite part of the book process.

Anna’s longing is that everyone would know the truth about our amazing God, and nothing delights her more than when her reflections help people see God in a new, freeing light.